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2D Digital Artwork by Anton Logvynenko

Hi, and welcome everyone! My name is Anton and I'm a digital artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. I have started working with Adobe Photoshop about 18 years ago, just for fun at first because I love drawing and creating some art. Years later I found myself in restoring and colorizing old black & white photographs and drawing 2D digital artworks. Olympic Class and other classic ocean liners mostly. Here you can find and buy prints of my digital drawings on canvas. Or order restoration and/or colorization of your photos. Or you can order your personal commissioned artwork on maritime theme. No matter what you want to create, I’ve got everything you need to get it done.

If you wish your personal commissioned artwork or discuss something else contact me via:


phone: +38 097 978 07 42

Or you can use contact/chat form below

Three sisters RMS s.jpg
Three sisters s.jpg
RMS Britannic wreck.jpg
RMS Britannic in the ocean s.jpg
RMS Titanic Sea Trials s.jpg
Touching the bottom.jpg
Britannic and Olympic.jpg
The ocean liner which has never been s.j
RMS Britannic solo.jpg
RMS Britannic in Cherbourg.jpg
RMS Britannic launch.jpg
RMS Britannic fotting out boilers.jpg
Britannic and Olympic day snow.jpg
Olympic Nantaket short.jpg
HMHS Britannic at sunset.jpg
War machine s.jpg
RMS Britannic ny.jpg
Waiting for an order.jpg
RMS Britannic trials.jpg
RMS Britannic last sunset.jpg
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