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Hello, I'm a digital artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. I have started working with Adobe Photoshop about 18 years ago, just for fun at first because I love drawing and creating some things. I'm passionate about ocean liners since 1995 when I first time read the books “A Night to Remember” by Walter Lord and “The Last Voyage of the Lusitania” by A. Hoehling and M. Hoehling. In 2009, I discovered for myself a colorization and restoration of old b&w photographs, mostly of the classic ocean liners. What can I say about my colorizations and their quality? I think you can say better than me, because I’m always critical to my work and looking back to any of my work I could say: “May be I would have made them better now, with my today’s skills”, well I believe any artist think so. But such thoughts are dangerous, because you can get into the circulation of remakes. Better do something new and do it better.

One day I realized that while I’m colorized a photo, but I did just a half of the work, I didn’t took the photo, and I always wanted to create something completely mine. After drawing safety cards for an airline I’m working for I suddenly realized that I can draw digital artworks with Photoshop and my experience in colorization help me a lot to see colors, how they shold look like. So I decided to draw my first digital artwork of the HMHS Britannic... You may ask why I choosed her. It’s easy, if we look at Olympic Class Liners, there are hundreds of photos and dozens of artworks of the Olympic and there are dozens of photos and hundreds of artworks of the Titanic. But Britannic in the other hand doesn’t have much photos or artworks of her, so I decided to correct this injustice. Actually that’s why about 70% of my artworks are dedicated to the youngest Olympic’s sister. But I promise you to diversify the list of liners in my works in the future. However a lot depends on you here...

On this web-site you can follow all my digital artworks and some colorizations. I hope you will like all or at least some of them. Unfortunatelly I can’t upload here my drawings in full HD (all artworks 50x70 cm (20x27,5 in) at 600 dpi) to avoid piracy, so here and anywhere in the web I’m sharing lo-quality pictures with watermarks. And I apologize for this. But here you can get a high quality prints of my artworks, printed on canvas at 600 dpi with various sizes. Or you can order a personal, exclusive commission artwork for yourself. Aslo if you have some old b&w photographs you want to be restored and colorized it is also possible here. Just contact me and we will discuss all details.

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